Palliative Care

At Added Care Group, we understand the importance of compassionate and dignified palliative care, and our experienced and caring professionals provide exceptional palliative care services that prioritise comfort, support and dignity. We aim to enhance the quality of life of clients and families, whilst also providing emotional support during this difficult time.

  • Assistance with pain and symptom management to promote comfort and minimise discomfort, ensuring clients feel at ease throughout their palliative care journey
  • Support with emotional and spiritual needs to promote peace of mind, a sense of meaning, and a connection to loved ones and personal beliefs
  • Regular communication with healthcare providers to ensure clients receive coordinated care that meets their medical needs and supports their palliative care goals
  • Family support and education to help loved ones understand the palliative care journey and navigate any challenges that may arise
  • Bereavement support to help loved ones through the grieving process and ensure they have access to the resources and support they need during this difficult time.

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